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Terms & Conditions

By using Design Quotations website, the visitors/users hereby agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in this website “Terms and Conditions”. If in any case you as a user/visitor does not solely agrees with the aforementioned terms and conditions one may not use Design Quotations website in any manner.


Design Quotations terms and conditions apply with immediate effect. The terms and conditions statement of state that Design Quotations holds the rights and may revise, change, update or edit these terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice by simply updating this post.

Design Quotations website users/visitors abide to fully comply with this website terms and conditions. We want Design Quotations website users/visitors to work with mutual understanding and consent.

Website Regulations

Users/visitors of this website agree to use Design Quotations website for lawful purpose only.

Note: Users/visitors and Design Quotations are abide by this website terms and conditions and are required to fully comply with it. Design Quotations has zero tolerance level, therefore both the parties (users/Design Quotations) should follow all the terms and conditions with mutual understanding that users are completely agreed to this website terms and conditions.

Intellectual Property

Design Quotations name, logo, graphics, and products and services are the trademark of Design Quotations only. All the business name, logos and trademarks stated on Design Quotations website are the sole property of their respective owners. Therefore Design Quotations do not constitute or infer endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of abovementioned brand names, logos and trademarks at all by the respective intellectual owners.


Design Quotations holds all the rights on all its design work from content to words and images and from ideas to visuals and illustrations except anything precisely released or published publically in writing and once costs have been made.

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For your custom project, Design Quotations provides a highly personalized and custom built environment where users can place their orders. You can place your order by visiting our Contact Us page by providing your information so that our sales team representatives can contact you via Live Chat or Phone Calls in order to make the process reliable and completely authentic.

Data Loss and Backup

Our Terms and Conditions statement makes it clear to users that the use of this website is at their own risk in case any data loss. By accepting this statement, Design Quotations website users agree to take full responsibility for using Design Quotations website and any consequences they dealt with in.


As a user of Design Quotations website you agree to indemnity, protect and hold harmless Design Quotations website, its directors, managers, employees and representatives from any type of damages, losses or costs such as reasonable lawyer’s fees, causing from third party claims, actions or demands related to your use or name of the things just mentioned.

This indemnification also supports any other indemnification obligatory under Dispute Policy. Design Quotations does not own or want to and will not privilege the ownership of users given or shared details or content.

If a user shares a website as a mean to project proposal or work activity, for Design Quotations all the website essentials are considered your publication and we do not held to be responsible for anything that have been placed on the web by means of your domain at all.

All the information and trademarks like brand name, company logos, design theme, graphics, content, words, photographs, visuals, ideas and illustrations are users’ assets and Design Quotations will not claim the ownership in any case.


In any case Design Quotations shall not be liable for any sort of claimed damages like incidental damages or consequential damages, which may arise from Design Quotations servers appearing off or being unavailable for whatsoever reason. Furthermore Design Quotations will not be liable for any sort of damages occurring from corruption, omission or deletion of any website form any of the Design Quotations servers. All the damages shall be restricted to the immediate closure of your services.

Design Quotations experts and professionals will try their best to keep your website smoothly operate without having bugs and anomalies so that we can ensure and enhanced your website experience in the best possible manner.

Design Quotations disclaim any type of liability or loss that comes from, but are not limited to:

  • Any sort of liability or loss arising from Design Quotations’ website access delays or interpretation
  • Any sort of liability or loss arising from Design Quotations’ website data transfer
  • Any sort of liability or loss arising from unauthorized use or misuse of your primary information by anyone
  • Any sort of liability or loss arising from any errors, omissions or misstatements in any part and information or services given under this agreement.
  • Any sort of liability or loss arising from any deletion or failure to store any email
  • Any sort of liability or loss arising from users site like inability to use our mail service
  • Any sort of liability or loss arising from Design Quotations mail service use
  • Any sort of liability or loss resulting due to our application processing of services and website in any manner

Design Quotations shall be the sole authority of its acceptable Terms and Conditions use what is and is not a violation act. We hold complete rights to make changes or to update this statement anytime. We hold the rights that on our sole discretion we can reject, cancel or suspend your service.

In any case any provision of Design Quotations’s terms and conditions use deem to be invalid, such invalidity shall not affect other portion of this agreement by any means. Design Quotations has complete rights and authority to change, edit or update such invalid provisions with those that are completely valid and those which accomplishes, to the possible extent, objectives and our intention as reflected in the particular provision.

Design Quotations reserves rights to amend this website terms and conditions without giving prior notice or warning at all. We highly recommend our users to read statement in our terms and conditions use frequently to keep updated about the latest amendments if any made.

This agreement statement supersedes and governs all the previous agreements, proposal or any other communication made to them.

Copyrights and Trademarks

By giving your business name, logos, design theme, content, images, trademarks, ideas, illustrations, visuals or any other data or information to Design Quotations for adding onto your website or any other medium, customers hereby fully declares that the aforementioned things have the copyrights or trademarks permissions. The ownership will remain held with the customer who has availed our service.

If Design Quotations has completed any creative work, images, design, content on behalf of our customer will remain Design Quotations and its supplier’s property. Customers may ask for rights for the use of such materials for which Design Quotations will remain keep the copyrights. These rights for use will be provided in formats other than the originally supplied and Design Quotations on its sole discretion may provide. All such permissions must be obtained by writing before it will permit any of the abovementioned work, content, images or any other data to be used.

The users agree to fully indemnify and keep Design Quotations away from any harm and any claim incurring from clients before attaining required copyright or any compulsory permission.

Important Notice

This statement infer to our Terms and Conditions and understanding of Design Quotations and its users subject to statement that will supersedes the entire previous written or oral agreements and understandings.

For more information or any query in regards to Terms and Conditions, or to get any kind of information please feel free to contact us at: sales@Design

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