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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

We, Design Quotations, are responsible for the security and confidentiality of the information collected through the respective domain. We genuinely care for our users and the information they entrust in us and it our responsibility to maintain and ensure our users privacy.

The information is gathered solely due to the purpose of improving web user experience for our users. Design Quotations’s design and development team is always working to give perfect user experience and the collected information plays a crucial role in acquainting them with their preferences and vice versa.

With the above statements, Design Quotations guarantees that it will not sell or use its users’ information in any inappropriate or unlawful manner. It will sustain the confidential information with every possible manner and deem it its primary responsibility.


The purpose of this privacy policy is to get the users accustomed with the purpose of collecting of the information and the cases in which it will be shared with other parties. It also includes clarification of the purpose of gathering personal information from users and its usage.

Collecting of Personal Information

Design Quotations gathers personal and important user information for different reasons, which will be communicated and clarified when we will ask you for it.

Use of Collected Information

The sole purpose of the policy is to familiarize the users with the usage of their provided important and personal information. Design Quotations is concerned about improving its working and to make it easy for our users to interact with it, hence the gathered information is used for the purpose to enhance the features. The information may be shared with the concerned authorities to monitor and maintain the site’s quality of displaying of content.

Third-Party Sharing

Design Quotations shares your provided information with third party for promotional needs and to enhance communication. However, none of the parties is allowed to share the information any further.

Security of Personal Information

Design Quotations has strong data security system to ensure perfect protection for the provided information, it has strong infrastructure that keep all the user information safe and sound by encrypting and storing it further.

Cookies’ Usage

We use Cookies to collect data related to the user’s geographical region, usage of website, user’s response in regards of site usage and overall look. Cookies are used to notice and remember the browsers used by users and memorize its usage. Design Quotations recommends its users to allow its cookies to incrtaese the effectiveness of the system and in helping the users to take full advantage of the site’s benefits and features.

In case you need to ask or know anything regarding the policy, contact at: sales@Design

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